Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kambree got 6 month shots today...

She weighs alittle over 15 lbs..... I knew she heavy and I was guessing 16 lbs.
I hate seeing her scream when they get shots.... there was alittle girl in the waiting room that was crying and telling her mommy my ear hurts... I felt so bad i told Kambree's nurse if she is seeing Dr.Gab let her go first i can't bear to see a child in pain ( i have had a child crying cause his ear hurt as your waiting for the Dr. and can't do anything about it.)
P.s. just this morning she rolled from her back onto her tummy!!! She couldn't get back over though and fussed till i turned her over.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sorry is has been so long....

When does life stop being crazy...?
I do have some pics i need to post from our mesqiute vacation over labor day.. and braxtons first day as a 8th grader but I'm WAY too tired tonight so maybe tommorow!!!!