Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nursery time!!!!!!

Yea...... Kambree is old enough to go to nursery but..... she cries :O( makes me feel so bad!!!
She has only gone twice but i think she cried longer this time then last... Parker used to start crying right after the closing prayer in sacrament cause he knew were he was going!!!!!
I hope soon i can just take her in and she starts playing without wanting me to be in there.
Her and I are leaving for Washington this week to go see my family (My mom is SO excited to see her curly haired Grand daughter) and i'm afraid that is going to set her progress of seperation anxiety back missing a week!!!! God bless all you nursery people cause I KNOW it must be hard to have several little ones bawling and your trying to calmn them down ... THANK YOU!!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

More fun times at the park...and random pics of the kids!!

Thanks Aunt Jenn for the Tiara set...

I like to run away from mommy when she thinks i look cute and wants to take a pic!!

Playin with "brubber"

eatin crackers while Daddy and the boys played ball.... you like that fake earring sticker that she would only let "parper" put on one?

Tryin to go up the slide the wrong way!!!!

Temper tantrum's you would think she is 2!!!!

After all these years Parker still didn't want to smile for the camera :0)

The boys forgot the bat so Braxton who is usually calle safety boy around here for still obeying his parents and wearing a helmet couldn't find it when he ran home !!!!