Saturday, May 30, 2009

Food poisioning or the Flu!!!!!!

Curt was SO sick all day yesterday.... He came home early with Nausea/vomiting and Diareah(TMI) i know but he couldn't keep even ice chips down so early afternoon I walked over to one of our hometeachers to ask him to come give Curt a blessing....He was just leaving for the fathers and sons outing (which my boys missed... sorry guys) and found another priesthood holder home and came over THANKS Dave and Zack!!!!
A couple hours later he still didn't feel well and now was very weak so I took him to the urgent care while the boys watched Kambree for the first time for 3 hours (another sorry boys) while curt got an I.V. because he was dehydrated and very weak!!!! He feels much better today and thinks it was food poisioning but how do you know??? BTW we went out to eat the night before but that was not fun for me to clean up and for him to acutally go thru it!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's been SO long i almost forgot how to do this :0)

Kambree with Grandpa Dave and cousin Lauren

Sorry!!!! I only have a "few" pics from our vacation at seaside Oregon!!! It's not that i hate taking pics we honestly just forget to grab the camera and think of it afterward :0(
Anyway here's a few....