Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday..........

I couldn't pull myself out of bed this year ( UM probably cause of the cute miss Kambree who has decided to wake up again in the night ) and there wasn't really anything that i was dying to get!!!!!!!
We do want a gps/navigation system which were on several stores doorbuster list but I figured i could get one on ebay or ksl after the holidays for hopefully the same price!!!!!
Did anyone else get what they wanted this morning??

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.....

I hope you had a great day and ate lots of good food..... I know i sure did!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

What do your kids want for Christmas this year?

I REALLY wanted to go on a trip in Jan. this year instead of doing gifts but when i checked into it the cost was way more than i would spend for gifts so i'm back to figuring out what to get Braxton and Parker who with there OWN money ( against my advice ) bought rock band like a month ago so now i don't have a big exciting gift to get them. Kambree needs the usuall baby things carseat, diapers, clothes ect. but the boys are harder because there older and not into toys like when they were little!!!!!

Braxton isn't feeling well today........

His tummy has been hurting the last couple days so today he stayed home from school...
Curt has caught the cold that me and the baby had last week. :0(
Kambree is still teething but NO teeth have popped thru yet. I hope we all are feeling better by next week for turkey day cause that is my favorite food and can't wait to eat it. ;0)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a day....

Parker woke up complaining his throat hurt, Kambree pooped RIGHT before i needed to take her to the sitters, Gave parker a motrin and said dad will come at 11:00 to see if you need to go home and get you a Dr. appt. if still not feeling well cause i had to work ( of course that is when everything happens ) so i worked a long day to call curt after the Dr. appt for Parker and sure enough he has strep....( i get the great mom award today sending him to school but really i thought it was allergies cause he has not had a fever and only in the morning did he say something), then i check my phone ready to call to see if i needed to pick up Braxton from BBall practice and notice like 4 missed calls.... THEN my freakin phone dies so i don't even hear the message and i'm praying to remember curts new cell # that i really haven't memorized cause i just hit his button on my phone to dial and thankfully i dialed a number that popped into my head ( blessing ) and curt answered saying they have been trying to call me there heading BACK to wee care cause braxton got elbowed on the head at practice and now needs stitches... SO i race to weecare to have them just be walking out with braxton's right side had blood all over his shirt , shorts, socks and shoes oh and both eyebrows... and 3 staples in his head UUGGHH bless babyKambrees heart she was a great baby at BOTH Dr.s appts. and CURT it makes me love you even more that you handled this mostly on your own while i was at work!!! I love you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kambree's homemade iron on shirt.....

SO i called everywhere to have a screen print t-shirt/onsie made for Kambree that would have something about My big brother is #22 for the NDJH BBall team but no one would make just one so i compromised and bought this paper at walmart that you design it on your own then iron it on and i think it turned out cute. Unfortunetly they ( NDJ) lost bigtime to kaysville :0(

I voted......

REALLY glad there was not a long line when i went at 11:00.
Did everyone else get out and how was your line?