Saturday, August 23, 2008

Old navy jeans.....

are on sale online too......... Have to pay for shipping but 12 bucks for the jeans is a good deal and i'll pay the 7 in shipping to NOT have to go into the busy store only to not get braxton's size AND get it delivered on my door step. :0)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Made it thru today........

The first day on the job at Dr.Hess's office..........
I assisted for part of the day and then was training on posting insurance checks and making the adjustments. It looks like on Mondays when there double booked on Dr. schedule and hygiene that the front goes back and helps so it was just a little stressfull going in the back and then up front but it will come naturally soon.( I hope ).
Little miss Kambree had a tough morning at the sitters :o( ( fussing, spitting up alot, probably an upset tummy which makes me feel bad).... that is when I think WHY is it that those that have worked hard to provide for there families and had to get sitters can't get paid to stay home...I do need to help provide for our family part time and am THANKFULL she only needs daycare 6 days a month but i still HATE leaving her!!!!! This too shall pass right? LOL

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Off to girls camp......

It will only be overnight and then hep bring the girls home but even at that....... I will miss our baby girl ( i all ready told braxton i will the boys too but they can do all the things that i worry about) and wonder if shes cranky and frustating daddy (he adores her and is a very good daddy), diapar changed often, fed her nightly cereal, sung too and and rocked to sleep when tired instead of propping up the bottle in her car seat, given a bath with not hot or cold water and not too much water, put into jammies with socks since she kicks her blanket off at night, hope she sleeps thru the night and doesn't want tobe fed since she is going thru a growth spurt ect.
Will she wonder where her mommy is? It's nice to have a break BUT I Love all my kids a ton and can't imagine life without them. I Miss them all ready and i haven't even left. LOL

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Parker 100%

On his 2 spelling test that he has taken. WAY to go parker!!!!!!!!

Kambree let nana hold her for like a 1/2 hour without bawling her head off. :0)

We haven't had a vacation this summer mostly due to having a baby now and parker only getting 3 weeks of summer break so..... were thinking of taking the kids to mesquite over labor day weekend.
What are all of you doing?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

whhoo.... the only person i called about the cookies

was the good smaritan that made them.... THANKS BENSON FAMILY..
I was REALLY hoping it was them because we have talked about making the cookies from cake mix before. There GREAT ;0)

Okay WHO left the delicous looking cookies...

between the glass door?? They said enjoy bowden's and the recipe. I WANT to eat them but no name was left and maybe it's a joke with something bad in there !!!!!! It's not like i can go down the ward list and call everyone and ask if they left them or some total stranger. LOL

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I took the disney what princess are you quiz....

and guess who I am.... I tried uploading it to the blog and i can't ... i'll have curt do it.HEHE
But it said I am Cinderella ( I love her ).

Got pulled over this afternoon.....

because of........ left brake light is out :0(
Curt told me about it last week but we didn't fix it but let me tell you where curt is as we speak yep autozone... luckily for me he gave me a fix it ticket ( didn't know they had those ) so we can go show mr.police officer it's fixed and have him sign the fix it ticket and then go show the judge.
What happened to giving warnings for those kinds of things or should i be happy with the fix it ticket?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Braxton started basketball camp for NDJH...

He had a good time today and said why can't basketball practice during the season be like this camp.... ( sorry sparks but he doesn't like your hard practices ;0)

He is having fun going to lagoon this summer with friends and not being with his mom and dad, brother and sister.

I can't believe he will be in 8th grade this year. I hope he has a class or at least lunch this time with a friend...... last year that was NOT fun going thru the transition to jr.high but making the basketball team helped him be excited for this year.

Parker is doing well in school all ready ( not suprised ). His teacher told the class yesterday that after recess the room stinks and that there old enough to were deodorant now.. :0)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sorry it's been so long..........

Since i updated my blog.... we have been on a dead run this week with doing things with family, roy pool party twice...setting up our new cell phones( my # is our home phone -- cool huh) and so the old one will be off soon. Orthodontist/ dentist appts. ect. ect.
I gave my 2 week notice to the office i currently work at and am going to the office i have ALWAYS wanted to be at. :0)
I have to find a new babysitter for miss Kambree( SO SAD ABOUT THAT ) but happy Sandra got on as a teacher's aid at the school since she has wanted to do that and is there alot anyway so now she gets paid to be there.
Hope all you foxhollow ward friends plan on being there early tommorow since rumor is there is 6 or 7 baby blessings :0)