Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day weekend!!!!!

Kambree needed to take a nap so daddy was going to watch her while i was out with the boys... guess who ended up asleep first not Kambree :0)

The pool was chilly and Kambree didn't like that at all but LOVED dangling her toes in the hot tub as we sat on the side of it.... sorry no pics thats after the camer died :0)

The recycled paper straws at squatters(sp) that ended up on our napkins cause they made your drink taste weird... it was like drinking out of a toilet paper roll. LOL

Kambree clapping and saying " good gwirl" for walking all on her own!!!

Taking the dog to go potty was not as easy as opening our sliding glass door at home!!!

We decided to take Curt to Parkcity for the weekend for his Fathers day gift!!!! We had a great time!!! The boys DO NOT like shopping so needless to say I can't wait for Kambree to get old enough to want to do that with me. It rained the day we planned on going to the apline slide but that's ok we had a poolside room and that is what the boys did the most... swam, played pool, pingpong and video games at the arcade!!
I remembered my camera and was able to get a "few" pics before the batteries died but kept forgetting to buy new ones!!! It was a fun much needed get away with great memories!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good news....Bad news....

SO i posted about a not so good memorial day weekend right with pics well...... The good news is the valve is NOT broke..... The bad news is they didn't have to spend 2 days digging out 5 1/2 feet of dirt either!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 3rd guy we called finally came by tonight ( thanks emily for offering a coworker to come see what it would cost ) and said it never got turned off over the winter and so the water just stays in there and eventually comes up the white pipe but it would have stopped :0( so he fixed the sprinkler line braxton broke digging not thinking it would be there and put a cheap invoice for coming out to look and the fixing and left!!!!! I don't know weathear to be happy or not about this since it took forever that holiday weekend and i REALLY wanted to go to ParkCity over night but didn't cause we weren't sure what was going on with the valve!!!!! SO now we just have to fill the hole and probably get a little piece of sod cause i'm sure the grass didn't survive with no water under a huge pile of dirt.... Nice huh.... Oh well such is life!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Not so fun memorial day pics!!!

The first pic is our 4 year anniversary of living in this home ( WE LOVE IT )!!!
The second pic is of braxton's hand sticking out of the hole he was in.
Braxton and Curt had to dig about 5 1/2 feet down to fix this valve thingy. They both started the digging and bless his heart Braxton did most of it after so many feet down cause Curt couldn't fit in that tiny of a space!!!! Brax NEVER complained not even once just got the digging part done!!! He is such a GREAT YOUNG MAN!!
Now once they finally got to the valve they couldn't figure out how to get it off to replace the
new one so after calling 3 different companies to come fix just that part we hopefully will get a guy out tommorow to take a look at it and tell us how much it will cost to switch out the old one with the new :0)