Thursday, September 16, 2010

18 years ago today...

Curt and I were married in the SLC temple for time and all eternity 18 years ago!!
Nothing makes me love him more then too see him take care of us, play "get you" with every one of his kids at one time or other(the boys are a little too old for that), Wake up early to go to work and provide for us, coach his boys in baseball and basketballl, talk with a teenager about friends and even girls :0), correct the kids when they are not respecting me, not matter that the house is not perfectly clean with a 2 year old around, read stories to little nursery kids that are sitting on his lap, making breakfast for dinner almost every wed. night, ect. ect. there are so many things i can't list them all those are the ones just off the top of my head :0)
Sorry i couln't find an old wedding pic to post on this computer!
Happy Anniversary Curt... I love you!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Papa's grave.... 1 year ago he left this earthly life!!!!

For Papa/Gramps 1 year anniversary Auntie LuLu was in town and bought a whole bunch of balloons for family to let one go!!! Uncle Jeff had put his favorite near beer on the grave and Braxton and Parker thought it was funny so i took some pics with it!! Kambree loved seeing the balloons fly up to Papa!!! We miss him terribly but am so gratefull to have had so many wonderfull years with truely the most amazing man around!!! He made each of his grandkids and greatgrandkids feel like they were his favorite!!! He loved everyone no matter there background!! He was a great example to us and can't wait for the day that we get to see him again :0)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Poor Curty :0(

yesterday he finally had surgery on his foot that has been killing him for ALONG time now!!! We got there checked in paid our copay, talked with a nurse about his current medications and signed informed consents, changed into the infamous gown and cap, the nurse came back to start his I.V. and told us the anesthiesiologist will be in and the Dr. Curts fear was that he would wake up in the middle of the surgery and feel pain but not be able to speak. The Anesth. Dr. said don't worry we will have you in a deep sleep and your Dr. will numb the arch of his foot really good and to not worry about that. Then the Dr. came in and marked the left foot with an arrow and a yes on it. They weeled him back and said it would be about 45 min. then they would come get me. They were right and he was awake and alert but still groggy when they brought me back to recovery Drinking a diet coke :0).
We didn't stay there long before I got him dressed and the boot on and we were gone. He did o.k. at home just tired and was still numbed. He thought by taking his ambien and a pain pill he would hopefully sleep all thru the night but not so much... He hobble into the bathroom at least twice with the crutches(thank you nana for letting us borrow them). When he woke up at 6;30 a.m. he was in alot of pain!!! Up until then it was managable (pain) with only one pill every 4 hours. He is hurting so bad tough today he will take 2 every 6hrs.
We know the first couple days are the worst so just pray we can get thru this :0)
I feel so bad for him and really hope after it is healed the pain is gone!!!!