Saturday, December 27, 2008

Parker is such a good big brother....

He is always first to want to hold Kambree and is always willing to hold and play with her if i need to do something else.....
Since Kambree WILL NOT keep shoes on I bought this snow suit to keep her warm and
when i put it on her she looked the kid off of the Christmas story!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mery Christmas everyone......

This is what our house looked like this morning!!!!!!

Happy 14th Birthday Braxton.......

I can not believe it was 14 years ago that the hospital nurse brought this cute baby boy wrapped in a blanket and stuffed into a Christmas stocking into my room!!!!!! He is a good boy and we are proud to be his mom and dad!!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Go steelers......

Kambree is going to cheer the steelers on in the SUPER BOWL and NO we are not hosting a party due to the signed autographed baseball being thrown down the stairs and Curt's prized superbowl 30 football being thrown around and the whole strand of Christmas lights being smashed all by a cute 2 year old.
Then to top it off after coming home from visiting nana and papa Roxy threw up 3 times and took a dump in our bedroom.UUGGHH
Parker totally thought we were going to get rid of her and Braxton threw up in his mouth when told to help clean it up. LOL

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Were officially done.....

With christmas shopping....... oh wait i think i need one thing for Kambree but good thing is she won't know if she gets it on Christmas or not :o)
I don't know WHERE time goes cause i don't seem to get all the things done that i have in the past!! I really wanted to take pics and send them out in a card this year and yep didn't get that done!! I did manage to get some baking done and plates handed out. Sent family members out of state gift cards all the while working more than i usually do ( coworker quit ) AND to top it all of got in a fender bender yesterday morning like 2 seconds away from my work......... I and the girl behind me were stopped at the light and apparently the kid behind her was not paying attention to us stopped people and bumped her then she bumped me...thanks goodness i didn't hit the car in front of me and no one was seriously hurt just a little sore!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I've been tagged

I've Been Tagged!
Rules:1- Post the rules.2- Answer the 6 "8" items.3- Let each person know that they have been tagged.

8 Favorite T.V. Shows(in no particular order):1-Dr.G, 2- Cops, 3- Dateline, 4-Batchelor or Batchelorette, 5- 20/20, 6- What not to wear, 7-Bringing home baby, 8- Trauma in the E.R.

8 Things I did yesterday: 1-Took Braxton to orthodonist AGAIN, 2- Grocery shopping 3-Bank
4- Kambree's 9month check up at Dr.'s 5-3 loads of laundry 6-1:00 Office staff meeting 7-picked up Jr.high car pool 8- went to Braxtons Bball game 9- Went to Young womens!!!!! wow what a day

8 Favorite Restaurants: 1-Olive garden 2-Rumbi grill 3-The shed 4-Texas road house 5-Red lobster 6-The outback steak house 7-Maddox 8-Utah noodle

8 things I am looking forward to: 1-Kambree SLEEPING thru the night again 2-Cruise 3-Getting out of debt 4-Christmas cookies and candy 5-Disneyland 6- Retirment 7-paying off student loans 8-Shopping

8 things on my wish list: 1-A vacation like a cruise 2- 3 Lakers vs. jazz tickets for my hubby and boys 3- A clean house again 4-New flooring in kitchen 5-Kitchen island 6-Tummy tuck 7- Cruise to Hawiia 8- Lots of money to pay for friends and family dental work!!!!!

8 people I tagged: 1- Jo 2-Sydney 3- Amy 4- Kim 5- Val 6-Chelsey 7-Karen 8- Leisha