Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Braxton made the NDJH BBALL team.......

WAY to go brax we knew you could do it again even though it was a week long tryout and cuts... he never once complained about going to bed on time because he was exhausted.
I hope he doesn't stop growing EXCEPT when he out grows those dang expensive BBall shoes that i have to keep buying.
His first game is tommorow... wish him luck!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've been tagged

1- I HAVE to trim off every bit of fat and veins in chicken .
2- When eating out i will pick thru meat to see if there is any veins or fat.
3-I Hate Hate onions and refuse to eat anything with them in it.
4-I buy a tuna sandwich from Subway.
5-I don't like my dogs hair on me or the couch.
6-I don't like fruit in cookies,jello ect.
7-Space things bore me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WHY do dogs do that....UUGGHH

I actually know WHY they do and haven't had the time to take Roxy to the vet to get yes the anal gland drained........... We were out of town (up in seattle and I promise i looked for the camera to take pics and put on here but i couldn't find it ;0( ........ anyway I picked up roxy from our good friends who watch her when we leave and she had a little bit of poop on her butt and NO ONE wanted to giver her a bath SO this morning i got sick and tired of her scooting her butt across the floor ( I THINK THAT IS SOOOO GROSS ) AND know i want the carpets cleaned even though i don't see anything i KNOW it's there.... so yes this morning after dropping brax off at BBALL tryouts i actually had to wipe her butt with a baby wipe. UUGGHH

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker......

I can not believe it was 10 years ago today that i had him....
His sister decided she wanted to come out at exactlly the time parker did 4:00 AM!!!!!!!!!!
They are so much alike .....Parker adores her and she LOVES him AND her even bigger brother Braxton.
We've picked up Balloons and made cupcakes for him and some friends.... Wish us luck tonight at chucke cheeses that it won't be TOO crowded and Expensive. LOL
I would love to promise to put pics up of the party BUT the truth of the matter is I don't have alot of time to work on my blog like i used to or don't have much to say.
Sorry to all the blog stalkers!!!!!!!!