Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers day!!!!

Just So gratefull for a husband who adores and works very hard for our family!! It makes me fall in love with him every time i see him struggling with something but he continues to do what it takes for us!!!!! We lost the best father figure in both of our lives that was such a strong fatherly support this year and it has been tough!! very glad we had him to love and support us in so many ways for as long as we did but it is still tough!!!! Curts plantar facitis(sp) has been killing him for along time now and just yesterday at a family BBQ he promised the boys last time we were there that he would play basketball with them and sure enough they reminded him and even with all the pain he is in he went out. We made great family memories going to Disneyland in March with his foot still hurting mind you. He had tried everything the Dr. has suggested and i'm afraid were probably looking at surgery. Not what we want but nothing is helping and he is tired of the pain and not being able to play with the kids and just do normal things with them like he wants. I admire his strength to just keep swimming. It is not easy!!!! I love you Curt.