Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I got roses today.........

Jimmy's flowers has twice now given away a free dozen roses and Curt is such a sweetie that he has gone twice to get them cuz he knows how much i love them... I thought i would post a positive thing today ( that is for you Auntie LuLU ) cuz i really want to say something else :0(

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!

Yep I forgot my camera for the Family BBQ and Our Neighboor's spur of the moment get together ( does that suprise ya?)
Anyway i will write it out then........... We went to Curts family BBQ and had a great time kids got into a water fight, Played cards, hit at pinata and just chatted with family that was in from out of town and ones that we don't see very often!!!
Then we came home grilled some steak alittle later and had fresh corn on the cob....
I had bought stuff for smores like 2 weeks ago that we still hadn't done on our fire bowl so we hauled it out on the driveway with some lawn chairs and saw a couple neighboors out and invited them to come over for smores and then watch our little firework show that the boys were dying to light!!! Kambree LOVED the fireworks and not too long after we were done Clearfield started there so we walked across the street with some chairs and watched them on Palmers lawn!!!!
I LOVE being at the park but Curt hates the crowd and getting in and out of where ever you park so we have watched them from across the street for 2 years now and I STILL think Clearfield has the best fireworks around!!!
Then night before on the 3rd we went to RedRobin with Salines and then to the Westpoint fireworks which was really cool with the patriotic music playing but I still think Clearfield has the best show!!!!!! I love the BBQ'S , Fireworks and music this time of year and always am so thankfull we live in America and the freedoms of which i enjoy and last but not least the people who fought and sacrificed there life for our freedom THANK YOU!!!!!!