Friday, October 23, 2009

Way to go Braxton!!!!

He made the Jr. high Basketball team....We knew he could do it but is very tired sore and generally not feeling well but i dont know if its the flu or the getting up at 5:40 a.m. for practice and then staying after school till about the same time 5:40 p.m. every day this week :0( maybe a combination of both :0(
Anyway we are proud of him and are excited to see him play again this year!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What do you think??

I(we) want to go on another cruise SO bad..... The kids want to go too or to disneyland...
I like disneyland but want the cruise more here is the dilema....I would love for the kids ( not Kambree which brings a whole other issue ) to go on a cruise cause there is SO much for them to do too and eat whenever they want which around here is ALL the time and Disneyland food or around the park is so expensive BUT i really like having the cruise time with just Curt.... Having someone that will watch the kids has been hard so my mom said she can come down after the first of the year!!! The other issue is which cruise..... we LOVED the eastern carribean and really liked Mexico even though that place is kind of scary to visit right now it has the cruise port closest to us and the cheapest cruises.... The Alaska cruise sounds fun although not a warm one!!!
If we did Alaska it would be more closer to summer and i don't want to wait that long WE NEED A BREAK..... The carribean you have to port out of Florida which means you have to pay more for airfare to get there and get a hotel since you can't fly in the day of your cruise you need to be there the day before SO.... Do we ditch the kids and go on the cruise adults only and where too?
Or take them on a shorter 3-4 day cruise and have my mom just watch Kambree?? Too many questions i know so what do you think?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Parker's 11 year old Birthday Party!!!!!

Were so cool.....
Can't have enough footballs right?

The candy bar game...

I had join in the action too.... Kambree wanted to know what this was all about too :0)

All in all they had a good time..... We made pizza's for lunch and played rock band!!!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Seattle trip

My mom was having surgery on her foot and I happened to have the time off work so i decided to go up and help out.... My neighboor was able to get my a buddy pass for a good deal but let me tell you flying with a 1.5 year old is not fun!!!
I was able to spend a couple days with mom and sister which was nice... Kambree was being shy and standoffish to my mom ( I feel so bad cause my mom LOVES her and brought her a treat for the ride back, calls her sweetie and her red curly haired princess) but Kambree warmed right up to my sister and would let her hold and kiss on her which i really needed a break sometimes since Kambree was really clingy and whinney at times :0(
The day of mom's surgery Kambree was being the biggest stinker... I was the only one there that day everyone else had to work and Kambree was being a 2 year old.
Mom didn't do well with the anesthesia so she had tons of nausea and had be given all the meds and a patch to stop it but it wasn't working so they decided to keep her overnight and i was very glad for that... who better to take care of her and be able to give her more anti nausea meds if needed during the night then the nurses... the next morning she was fine and able to go home.
I feel so bad for all the struggles in life my mom has gone thru... I even played the lottery in hopes of winning to help all my family out and to be able to live closer to each other ... my mom loves all her grandchildren... they know where all the treats and toys are at her place and she loves spoiling them... I wish I had them around here... Maybe someday.
It was hard and humbling taking care of her but it made me be so gratefull for my health, husband and children i can't live without, a home to live in , a part time job that i like, ect.